a post-ape progress report from an inmate in the cosmic madhouse


In further exploration of circular inquiries as transposed through the medium of voice, auto-destruction, and regressive performance, the sculpture presents itself through voidless cut-ups; refugees of the symbolic network. wind-guided, meekly ritualistic, discordant experiments in protoconversation.
This is not an authentic act of worship, its homage, to all precedent acts, to all the faith that inspired you to acquire your own. a transferrable autodafe where people wear out replications of gods on their inner wrists. essentially, you are worshipping them.


All experiences are shared, not one immediate identity is real, we are merely responses to the mandates incurred on us by the symbolic network we occupy, the subjective experience is just a flavor, where in reality we are all just playing out replications of the same protagonist template, each one walking around thinking he is central to his narrative

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